Attention Sandwich Lovers

As we continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation, we will be taking certain precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and guests. We will be implementing the following temporary changes until further notice.

  • We request that customers please call in orders to avoid restaurant crowding. If the restaurant is crowded when you arrive, please wait outside and try to maintain distance from others.
  • We will only by accepting Take-out and Delivery orders until further notice. Customers will not be permitted to Dine-in.
  • We will not be accepting cash payment. Only card and contactless(tap) payments will be accepted.
  • We will not be able to fill water bottles and cups or bring any personal items into our kitchens.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

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Our Story

On a summer day in 2013, while driving home frustrated and dejected from yet another long day of welding, Clint Bondzuk saw a “For Rent” sign in a shop window. He slammed on his brakes, called the number on the sign, and secured the first Big Star Sandwich Co. shop, but what to do with it? Would he serve egg salad sandwiches on white bread? How about store bought cold cuts on Italian, with customized toppings? Decades in the trades meant Clint had eaten a lot of sandwiches in a lot of different places, and not one of those sandwiches left him feeling full and satisfied. He knew people wanted a Heartier sandwich and set out to make it.

Our sandwiches start with a fresh rustic Filone, it’s like a cross between a ciabatta and a baguette. The Filone has great sauce absorption and retention, which allows us to add tons of our house made sauces for maximum flavour. Next, we add our meat. We cook our roast beef in house, it’s slow roasted overnight for 13hrs. It’s sliced fresh and steamed to order. We only serve house cooked, hand-pulled turkey breast and thigh. Our turkey is pulled fresh, so it’s always ready for your lunchtime cravings. We use authentically prepared corned beef, the best this side of New York, and pile it high. Our ham and capocollo is sliced every morning, and we import Daily’s bacon from the States. It’s the best bacon money can buy, and cooked with care each morning. We top our sandwiches off with a selection of cheeses, fresh sliced veggies, and Hickory Sticks (yes, those Hickory Sticks) if you want ‘em.

Thanks to our amazing customers and community, we’ve grown from our first shop to 7 locations across the Lower Mainland, and we’re employing more and more amazing people at living wages and offering comprehensive benefits. Satisfied staff make the best sandwiches!

Whether you eat in or take out, we guarantee to make you the best damn sandwich you’ve ever had. We’ll see ya soon!

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The Answers to Your Questions


I have allergies, what can I eat?

Please check our Allergen Information. If you require additional information please ask our staff.

What’s so special about your meat?

Our beef is slow roasted in house for 13 hours, sliced fresh every morning, and steamed to order for your sandwich.

We serve only house-roasted, hand pulled turkey breast and thigh, not deli cuts.

Our corned beef is authentically prepared, steamed to order, and piled high!

We use premium cold cuts and import Daily's bacon from the states; the best bacon money can buy.

What kind of bread do you have?

Our sandwiches come on a fresh Rustic Filone, think of it like a cross between Ciabatta and a Baguette. The #12 is served on a light rye. You can also request any small sandwich to be made on a light rye.

How big are your sandwiches?

Our small is 6”, and our large is 8” and OVER A POUND!

So what’s good?

Our most popular sandwiches are the No. 2, No. 4, & No. 28. Everything’s excellent. If you think you’ll like what’s on the sandwich, it’s a safe bet.

What’s deli mustard? Is it Dijon? I hate Dijon!

Deli mustard is NOT Dijon! It’s like yellow mustard with a tangy kick. We use deli mustard to compliment the flavour of our meats without getting muscled out by other ingredients.

What are pep-, peppercorn-, pepperoncini?

Pepperoncini (pronounced “pep-eh-ron-chee-knee”) are medium heat, Italian pickled peppers. Many sandwich shops serve them whole, on the side. We slice them and put them in your sandwich.

What’s with the weird drinks?

We try very hard to stock unique, artisan soft drinks that you won’t find in other restaurants. We carry a selection of craft sodas and iced teas, all made with 100% cane sugar. We’ve also partnered with GoodWater to provide clean drinking water and infrastructure to communities in need!

What comes with the sandwich?

A sandwich ordered from our menu is just the sandwich. If you’d like a side, we offer local soups, several varieties of potato salad, and unique brands of thick cut kettle chips.

Hickory Sticks? Like the chips?

Yes! We put Hickory Sticks on our sandwiches! They come on the #4 and #20, and you can add them to any sandwich. It’s life changing!

Can I get that toasted?


We are very proud of the quality of our bread and serve it fresh daily. Other sandwich shops push toasted sandwiches so they can get away with serving you stale bread, and that just won’t do. (Plus, no one wants to wait an extra two minutes for their sandwich!)

Do you have gluten free options?


Why don’t you offer ‘The Works’?

We’ve spent years carefully experimenting with flavours, textures, and ingredients and we believe our sandwiches are best enjoyed exactly as listed on our menu. Adding or taking away veggies, sauces, and meats messes with our delicate flavour balance and angers the sandwich gods! While we’re more than happy to alter your sandwich to your liking, we take no responsibility for flavour inconsistencies caused by customizing a sandwich.

Why are your sandwiches so saucy?

We believe sauce makes the sandwich. We put generous amounts of sauce on every sandwich for maximum taste. If you can’t handle the flavour, let us know and we’ll tone it down.

What if I wanna get crazy (or crazy simple) with my sandwich?

Our staff want to make sure you walk away with the absolute best tasting sandwich. We’ve spent years carefully experimenting with flavours, textures, and ingredients and, as such, our sandwiches are best enjoyed exactly as listed on our menu. Ordering a sauce-less sandwich, particularly with turkey, tends to result in your meal being too dry, so we make extra sure you know what you’re getting into. While we’re more than happy to alter your sandwich to your liking, we take no responsibility for flavour inconsistencies caused by customizing a sandwich.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan, what can I eat?

Our listed vegetarian sandwich is the #26. We also offer the option to replace the meat on any sandwich with Yves veggie turkey, Yves veggie salami, or both.

Our vegetarian option becomes vegan if you remove the cheese and mayo. Make sure you tell us you’re vegan and we’ll add extra veggies to fill out your sandwich.

Do you have nutritional information for your sandwiches?

We do not currently have detailed nutritional information for our sandwiches. Our staff will be happy to inform you of ingredients/allergens present.

Why don't you have chicken?

When was the last time YOU tried to cook mass quantities of chicken? Not fun.